Customising the Widget
Widget I install,
configure with joy now I,
with widget at one.

How the widget code usually works

The default WTF widget first downloads the widget JS file

<script src=/""></script>

We then make two calls. The first initialises the library, while the check() checks the WTF servers for content on the current page and downloads displays the icon.


Customisation: Prefilling email

If a user chooses to leave a message WTF by default asks for their email. If youd like to make thier journey a little smoother and know the users email, allow WTF to prefill the email address using this method:


Just replace "users_email" with the current users email via your templating engine.

Other Resources

If you want to get your hands really dirty, take a look at the WTF API. You can use this to roll custom integrations of WTF on platforms not yet supported out of the box, such as IOS, Android etc.

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