WTF Release 1.5
The best faqqing platform in the world just got better.

Deep dive into page stats.

Sometimes all is not what it seems. A high percentage of users confused on a particular page can be as a result of a one-off issue and not a general trend. To allow you to quickly verify if this is the case we you can now view relevant recent stats on a particular page from within WTF:

Leave a message after the beep.

Users can now leave a message directly from the widget. The messages are delivered directly to your email, where you only need click reply to get in touch with the user.

Now for the important part. You can now see which pages users are leaving messages on, view all those messages within WTF, and use this information to make your widget content more helpfull:

WTF AI: Baby Steps

Our end goal is to tell you in a no-nonsence way what you need to do to improve your product. The first step in this is figuring out whats going on.

We are dumb users ourselves, so weve enlisted the help of killer buzz word and some cool maths. This month sees the launch of what we call "observations".

WTF now analyses how users interact with your widget on your various pages and attempts to identify and report on interesting things that have happened.

Baby steps first, this iteration sees outlier detection on some key metrics (hits, % of users confused, % of users leaving a message) in addition to some simple volume metrics. While closer to a casio watch than HAL, we for one welcome our robot overlord. Stay tuned for more.


No change in our plan. We still want to build an opinionated tool to help you build products faster. We want to bake in observations into the UX to better highlight to you what is going on and what needs attention, though will take it slow as there are many pitfals, especially false positives.

We are also taking a look at improving how we report on user information and seeing if we can incorporate better accuracy without increasing the footprint of the widget. We are also looking at a general UI cleanup. We are minimalist faqqers, expect a culling of clutter.

As allways, get in touch with us direct should you have any suggestions.

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