Creating Widget Content
"If I would have had more time, I would have written less copy"

What the FAQ is a simple icon deployed on your site that when clicked displays help relevant to the users current page. This brief article gives three tips on how to construct this help content for a specific page.

First, context

What is the user doing on this page? What common questions would they have at this stage? Do they know where they are in your sites flow? Are you sure? What can prevent the user continuing? Perhaps they dont have some info you require?

If this page is linked to from a referrer perhaps the user is confused as to where they have landed, a short sentance explaining where they are could be welcome.

Second, brevity

A short sentance for an answer preceeded by an even shorter sentance for a question. Make sure your FAQ is scannable.

Limit yourself to 4-5 questions. You dont need to cover all the cases, just the big ones. At the bottom give directions to further support, like a phone number or email (or live chat if you must).

Finally, dumb it down

Forget the marketing speak, just answer the damn question. Count the words in each sentance. Multiply the result by 5 and thats the % of users who have zoned out before youve finished. Go back, do it again, make it simpler.

Don't use fancy colours or fonts. You rarely need pictures. Don't point people away through links if it can be avoided, if your mid-flow it will effect your users chances of conversion.

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